The League of Legends Worlds Finals
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The League of Legends Worlds Finals

Lucky7Bonus regularly reports on eSports news, especially on the highly competitive game League of Legends. Last time we talked about the results of the League of Legends World Championship Play-In and the upcoming group stages. Today, that phase is over and the semi-finals took place last weekend. Tomorrow is the big day: the League of Legends 2021 Worlds Finals.

League of Legends Worlds Semi-Finals

This past weekend, top international teams competed to determine the top two teams on League of Legends. Over 3.5 million viewers were in attendance during the League of Legends World Championship Semi-Finals.

T1 vs DWG

Very tense games between the two South Korean teams, on one side DWG, the reigning world champions and on the other T1, with the legendary player Faker. A clash of the titans that lasted several hours with a total of 5 matches. The last meeting between these two teams was in the final of the LCK Summer Split 2021 (Korean Championship) and DWG won the title by winning 3-1.

This meeting was of great importance. T1 has the opportunity to make history and perhaps win the World Championship title for the third time. On the other hand, if DWG wins the title, the Korean team will equal their number of wins with T1.

It will take 4 games to find ourselves in the tricky situation of 2-2 to define who will go to the final. Neck and neck throughout the last game with only 1,000 golds difference, unfortunately by forcing the Nashor, T1 finds itself trapped by DWG who will only make a bite out of the Korean team. This is when the game turns around and WG will take the lead to win. A big disappointment for T1 and Faker, but DWG still has to give it their all in the finals to walk away with the League of Legends World Championship title.

Gen.G vs EDG

During these semi-finals, 3 Korean teams were present, including Gen.G which had to face the only Chinese team present : EDward Gaming. Clearly, this match was much less expected than the previous day's T1 vs DWG. In comparison Gen.G and EDG are a little less serious teams and can make mistakes during their game.

Same scenario as the previous semi-final, the teams find themselves in the delicate situation of 2-2. The last game will determine who will go to the final against DWG. EDG will be very early-game by taking the ascendancy in jungle and midlane, more than 4 000 golds of difference will be present from the 20th minute. All the action of the game will be played at the 25th minute when Gen.G will want to seize the dragon to avoid that the advantage goes to EDG, but the Chinese team will not let it happen and will realize a magnificent team fight to put down the Korean team.

The Final: DWG and EDG

The top finalists of the League of Legends World Championship will set the stage this weekend in Iceland! The Chinese team EDward Gaming (EDG) will face the South Korean team Damwon Kia (DWG), who already won the World Championship title last year. An epic meeting is coming up but the outcome does not seem to be a real surprise.

The South Korean team seems to be ultra favorite since it was above all the teams of its region, winning the LCK, but also during the World Championship. The second title seems to be only a formality for this bloody team, ready to do anything to reach the top. The opportunity to set the record straight with T1 and tie them as two-time League of Legends World Champions.

However, the Chinese team EDward Gaming will probably defend itself very well thanks to their midlaner Lee Ye-chan "Scout" who is not Chinese by origin, but Korean. Considered today as the worthy successor of Faker, he was not so much highlighted during the World Championship, but the young Scout shined with his Zoe by offering a KDA in 12/0/7, which is very impressive during the Worlds semi-finals.

Join us this Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. for the opening ceremony of the League of Legends World Championship Finals, which we hope will be as memorable as every year. You can follow the event on OTP's Twitch channel with the best commentators to follow the competition.

Arcane, the new series with episode 1 to air at the end of Worlds 2021

Arcane is Riot Games' first television series in partnership with Netflix and the first episode will air on Sunday, November 7, starting at 3 a.m. on Netflix worldwide. Players have been waiting for a movie or series in the League of Legends universe for several years, a way to expand the story, to get to know the heroes you play as in Summoner's Rift better. We let you enjoy the official trailer below:

Meet the iconic League of Legends world champions like Jinx, Jayce and Caitlyn. Riot Games makes a great move by broadcasting the first episode just after the Worlds finals which gathers hundreds of millions of people every year, especially in Asia. A huge publicity stunt to launch this new series on Netflix. Concerning the release dates of the episodes: on Sunday, November 7 will be released the episodes 1, 2 and 3 of Arcane; on Sunday, November 14 will be released the episodes 4, 5 and 6 and on Sunday, November 21 will be released the episodes 7, 8 and 9.

For this series, Riot Games has pulled out all the stops once again, with a soundtrack by big names like Imagine Dragon with the track "Enemy". This weekend, everything will motivate you to return to the Summoner's Rift: the Worlds finals, the Arcane series and the upcoming arrival of the new competitive season of League of Legends.

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