Exclusivity : The release of the new Reactoonz 2 slot machine
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Exclusivity : The release of the new Reactoonz 2 slot machine

It is there!

And yes, this title is not a clickbait. Every good online casino player has seen and even played the first opus of Reactoonz. After the success of the Reactoonz slot machine, the supplier Play'n GO decided to release a second opus which is none other than Reactoonz 2.

In view of the tests that we were able to carry out in preview on Reactoonz 2, the principle of connection will remain the same with the key to our dear Gargantoon which could well reserve you some surprises. Reactoonz 2 keeps the 7x7 grid format, as well as the same connection symbols.

In terms of innovation, we can notice that Play'n GO has decided to invite another space bug to the party: Energoon which will help you to bring Gargantoon out of its sleep.

A second gauge also appears, which requires other connections than the main gauge and gives access to a non-negligible help to wake up Gargantoon.

The statistics of Reactoonz 2 are similar to the first opus with an RTP lower than before 96.2% but a maximum potential gain at x5083 your bet against x1500 on the first Reactoonz.

The release of this new slot machine is scheduled for early October 2020.

How Reactoonz 2 works

The different symbols of Reactoonz 2

As said in the introduction we find the same symbols that we could find in Reactoonz first of the name :

  • Minor symbols represented by one-eyed aliens;

  • Major symbols represented by two-eyed aliens.

When at least 5 similar symbols connect to each other (adjacently), they disappear from the grid and give way to other symbols coming from the top of the grid. Connections of 15 or more symbols are the most sought-after by players. These connections give a multiplier ranging from x3 up to x500 your bet (depending on the connected symbol).

We can also find wilds symbols, instead of having only two, we have four:

  • Electric Wild : Replaces all symbols;

  • Uncharged Wild : Changes to "Electric Wild" if there is a connection made next to it;

  • Energoon Wild : Replaces all symbols;

  • Gargantoon Wild : Replaces all symbols.

Characteristics of Reactoonz 2

We find two gauges filling in different ways. First, we have the fluctometer composed of 11 charges. These 11 charges are filled according to the minor symbol chosen at each turn of the game. Each charge fills with this symbol if there is a connection to it and this connection also releases an Electric Wild on the grid. So if you manage to connect 11 of them based on the chosen symbol, your meter is charged. When there is no more connection on the grid, the meter releases between 1 and 3 Electric Wild on the grid, allowing you to continue the game round. It is important to know that this fluctometer can be charged more than once during a game turn, but it is deactivated when the Gargantoon is woken up.

In a second step, we find the quantumeter filling on 4 charge levels. In order to fill the quantumeter, connections with Electric Wilds must be obtained. If a connection is made without an Electric Wild, it will not be taken into account in the quantumeter.

It should also be noted that when connecting with an Electric Wild, the Electric Wild will remove all symbols from the grid that correspond to the connected symbol. These deleted symbols are also taken into account for the quantumeter.

For the 4 load levels, you will need to collect 55, 85, 110 or 135 connections to reach level 1, 2, 3 or 4 respectively. Each quantum level releases a different wild:

  • Level 1 (55 loads) : Four wilds Energoon in 1x1;

  • Level 2 (85 loads) : A wild Energoon in 2x2;

  • Level 3 (110 loads ) : A wild Gargantoon in 3x3;

  • Level 4 (135 loads) : A wild Gargantoon in 3x3 with a x2 multiplier for all wins.

After the wild Gargantoon 3x3 has appeared on the grid and has fully connected the symbols that touch it, it splits into two wilds Gargantoon 2x2. After that, in the same pattern, it splits into nine wilds Gargantoon 1x1.

When this is finished, it is possible that the round continues! Indeed, if after all these connections, it remains on the grid 2 Electric Wilds, the Wild Pair Explosion function is activated! Two cases are possible :

  • If the two Electric Wilds are side by side, they melt and destroy all the symbols on the grid (except the other wilds);

  • If the two Electric Wilds are not side by side, they destroy the symbols adjacent to each of them (except the other wilds).

The destroyed symbols do not bring any gain but they are taken into account for the quantumeter charge, unless the Gargantoon has already been woken up during the turn.

Our opinion on Reactoonz 2

We are very happy to have our favorite space bugs in a new opus of Reactoonz. And we're willing to bet that fans of grid games and Reactoonz will agree with us.

The Play'n GO provider has managed to keep the nature of Reactoonz by adding even more features. This allows us to enjoy Reactoonz 2 even more. At the beginning, the player will feel lost but the knowledge of Reactoonz will allow him to understand very quickly how Reactoonz 2 works.

All these added features increase the potential of Reactoonz 2. On the first opus, the max potential was times 1500 the bet, for Reactoonz 2 the max potential was increased to times 5083 the bet.

In addition to the change of gameplay, we can also find sound and especially graphic improvements that allow us to enjoy our galactic journey even more.

Reactoonz 2 is a very complete slot machine with a solid base and increased potential (without denigrating the license). A big question mark still remains as to the success of Reactoonz 2 compared to its big brother Reactoonz.

Reactoonz 2 is very nice to play, but is perhaps a bit too advanced for players to spend whole sessions on it. Because an advanced and complete slot machine means very long spins. A lot of players complained about the slowness of Reactoonz, so by adding more features it is possible to have very long spins.

In conclusion, Reactoonz 2 is more directed for insiders and fans of the Reactoonz license. But we are sure that Reactoonz 2 will successfully take over from its elder brother.

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