Evolution : 2021 roadmap and new games!
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Evolution : 2021 roadmap and new games!

On Thursday 15th July, the online gambling behemoth, Evolution Gaming, published a video on its YouTube channel to look back on the year 2021 and especially to present the company's roadmap for the coming months. In a kind of interview, Todd Haushalter, the Chief Product Officer of Evolution Gaming details the team's thoughts behind recent innovations and gives some very interesting hints about the upcoming games.

A few months after NetEnt, an industry giant and pioneer since 1996, bought out the Red Tiger provider for nearly €260 million, Evolution Gaming has taken the gambling world by surprise. The young provider then bought NetEnt, and by the same token Red Tiger, for almost 2 billion euros. A colossal sum and an impressive project that suggests that Evolution Gaming is still not satisfied with the already considerable position that the company currently occupies.

Lucky7Bonus takes a look at the roadmap and new games announced by the fastest growing provider in recent years!

Who is Evolution Gaming and where can you play their games?

Evolution Gaming, a fast growing giant

Evolution Gaming is a rather special online gaming provider. Indeed, in 2006, this provider was created from a revolutionary idea: bringing the land-based casino experience to online casino players. Studios were set up where table games with real dealers were filmed and broadcast live to give users an experience as close to the real thing as possible.

It was a quick success for the young company, which grew at a fast pace. In 2015, Evolution Gaming opens its capital to the public and becomes listed on the stock exchange, which allows it to expand around the world.

2 years later, a new concept was launched by the young multinational: game shows. The principle of a TV show where players bet and win money 24 hours a day appealed to the community and represented a real turning point for the online gambling industry.

Today, Evolution Gaming offers its players a large number of different tables and TV shows where thousands of players are logged in and playing their money around the clock:

  • Blackjack;

  • Roulette ;

  • Lightning Roulette ;

  • Crazy Time ;

  • Monopoly Live;

  • Lightning Dice.

And many other games spread over 100 tables in 10 different countries.

Which casinos should I play at?

Evolution Gaming offers such unique content and is so popular with players all over the world that it is vital for any online casino to offer this supplier's tables and games in their library. An operator that doesn't allow its users to play Evolution Gaming's creations will quickly be left behind, which is why the vast majority of Lucky7Bonus partners work with this young industry giant.

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Evolution Gaming's 2021 roadmap

In order to present us with the upcoming releases from Evolution Gamingg and to detail the vision of the company, it's up to Todd Haushalte, the Chief Product Officer, to devote himself to the camera in the video below:

Watch on YouTube

Todd starts by explaining in more depth the idea behind Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, a TV show-style game that was not very successful. The aim was to put the player in charge and give them the feeling of being in the middle of the action and having their fate in their own hands.

Without leaving the suspense any longer, the next topic to be discussed is that of a game so eagerly awaited by the online gambling community: Lightning Blackjack!

Lightning Blackjack

Haushalter starts by answering the main question that players have been asking: why isn't Lightning Blackjack already available on Evolution Gaming? Indeed, the vast majority of Evolution games have already been revisited to a Lightning version and these are hugely successful despite a much lower theoretical return to player (RTP) than the original version.

The reason why Lightning Blackjack is still not online is because of the difficulty the team has in adding the desired volatility without impacting the soul of Blackjack.

Todd Haushalter reassures the impatient that Lightning Blackjack is coming soon!

The concept will greatly increase the volatility of blackjack without causing the player to change strategy or play illogically.

So how does Lightning Blackjack work? Details have not been released at this time, but a win multiplier is expected to be implemented when the player makes several winning hands in a row. The higher the player's hand, the higher the multiplier. In a sneak peek at a Lightning Blackjack table, Evolution Gaming gives us a glimpse of some of the multipliers based on the potential outcome of a hand:

  • Blackjack x25 ;

  • 21 x15 ;

  • 20 x10 ;

  • 19 x8 ;

  • 18 x5 ;

  • 17 or less x2.

The final details are still being kept under wraps, but this multiplier system, or simply the name Lightning Blackjack, seems to have already raised the pressure among players and online casino streamers who have been quick to react on their social networks!

Bac Bo

The aim of creating Bac Bo is to make the game as simple as possible for the player, similar to Baccarat, which is often seen as a complicated game that few people understand. In the tradition of a game like Dragon Tiger, Bac Bo is a simple battle of values between the bank and the player. Instead of using cards, 2 dice are rolled on each side here and to add suspense, the dice are rolled one at a time alternating between the bank and the player to allow the very last die to change the outcome completely!

Fan Tan

Fan Tan is an ancient game dating back to the 3rd century in China. The principle is very simple: originally, two handfuls of a small object (rice grains, coffee beans, buttons...) are placed on a table and part of it is covered by a bowl. Players bet on the number of objects remaining at the end between 1 and 4. When the bets are placed, the dealer then comes and removes 4 objects from the table and repeats this operation until only 1 to 4 objects remain on the table.

Evolution Gaming's version of Fan Tan is set up with small white stones placed on a red carpet. The tools used to cover the stones and separate them, such as the bell and the wand, are golden. This attention to detail in the provider makes for a visually interesting and captivating game in a very simple system.

For more experienced players who wish to take the experience a step further, a much more advanced betting system will also be available.

Golden Wealth Baccarat

Following in the footsteps of Lightning Baccarat, Golden Wealth Baccarat features a version where multipliers are present much more frequently, allowing for hands with multiple multipliers to achieve real jackpots with small stakes. **Haushalter describes Golden Wealth Baccarat as a version of the well-known game that is much closer to the Asian style of play.

Cash or Crash

After the resurgence of Crash games, such as Aviator or JetX, Evolution Gaming has come up with a game that is much more original, much more advanced and most certainly, much more fun.

The action takes place in an airship where coloured balls are drawn at random. As long as the ball drawn is green, the blimp continues to rise and so do your winnings which you can withdraw at any time. When a red ball is drawn, it crashes and all winnings and bets not collected are lost.

A golden ball is present in this game and Haushalter wants to turn up the heat by keeping its impact on the game secret. All we know is that players who get the golden ball will be thrilled!

Once again, Evolution Gaming is following its basic idea of offering more and more games where the player is in control of the outcome with this crash type game.

Evolution Gaming Promotions and Bonuses

In addition to the offers and bonuses that online casinos offer, Evolution Gaming, as a provider, will be able to offer its players bonuses on their games. These cash wins will be offered in a number of different ways through various events, such as "if a blackjack hand of value 19 is lost, the player is awarded €10". These mini jackpots open the door to an infinite number of different promotions and events that will attract new players or win back old ones.

Starburst XXXtreme

Todd Haushalter concludes this short video by introducing the new NetEnt slot machine, a revamped version of the classic Starburst.

Starburst XXXtreme features the highest payout potential in the slot world today (outside of progressive jackpot slots) with 200,000 times the original stake while retaining the beloved world of the first game!

You can now try it out HERE.

With this very ambitious release, Evolution Gaming sends a very strong message about its takeover of NetEnt, which does not seem to have happened without ideas...

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