EU Masters Grand Final and Worlds: League of Legends eSports News
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EU Masters Grand Final and Worlds: League of Legends eSports News

Lucky7Bonus regularly brings you the latest news on the new competitions of the 21st century: eSports. While remaining close to sports, this new environment remains quite different. The competitions take place in large halls with many visual effects, the atmosphere is just as crazy, but the ring is composed of computers where players compete with reaction time on the keyboard. 

An equally interesting environment, which Lucky7Bonus highlights, for the excitement around these events and especially the French speaking public ready to support their favorite teams during national, European, North American and international competitions. Especially with the Karmine Corp, the team is very much supported on the League of Legends competitive scene by the French speaking community.

Today, we're going to cover only the latest and greatest League of Legends video game competition. Lucky7Bonus will explain everything you need to know to properly enjoy these legendary competitions.

Karmine Corp: Fast Track to Success this Year

The Karmine Corp team has been impressing for some time now with their performance on the competitive League of Legends scene, as well as the speed with which the team has been climbing the podiums in European competitions. Driven by streamer Kameto, the KCorp has a strong following and the fans are very vocal.

Simple national matches are broadcast live in front of about 1,000 people, but if it's the Karmine Corp team's turn, tens of thousands of viewers can watch the match on Twitch. This is an excellent visibility for the national and European League of Legends competitions, where previously it was mainly the World Championship that interested viewers.

Karmine Corp quickly made a name for itself, especially in Spring 2021 where the team won the LFL (French League of Legends) as well as the European Masters (European Championship). A small disappointment during the summer when the Karmine Corp was defeated in the final of the LFL Summer Split 2021 against the incredible players of Misfits Premier.

Questioning on the side of the KCorp which had lost a very good element lately : Adam, who is now a toplaner in the Fnatic team. Lucky7Bonus spoke to you about him in one of his articles. This legendary player has qualified his team for the League of Legends World Championship, which starts in October. The question was: Has Adam's departure not reduced the chances of success for the KCorp team? Despite the fact that a second place in the LFL is still totally honorable. 

The community was waiting for the results of the KCorp at the European Championship, which took place in recent weeks. An important meeting to perhaps achieve the record of the EU Masters with 2 consecutive victories. We will now focus on this anthology match between Karmine Corp and Fnatic Rising.

EU Masters Final: Karmine Corp vs Fnatic Rising

The match took place yesterday, Sunday 19th September 2021. After several weeks of confrontations between the 28 teams at the start of the European Masters Summer Split 2021, only 2 teams could climb to the top of Europe. First of all, the team of Fnatic Rising, who were finalists of the NLC (Northern League of Legends Championship), against the team of KCorp, the last winners of the EU Masters.

Big pressure for KCorp, despite the very big support from the French community. The Karmine Corp players did not get their LFL title during the summer because of the Misfits Premier team, which was excellent. However, Misfits Premier was eliminated by Fnatic Rising during the European Championship playoffs. A tough and close game that was envisioned for this Sunday night.

The two teams battled it out in three winning sets in BO5, in front of over 231,000 people on Twitch lives. The score was close, while KCorp started quickly with 2 winning sets, only one set left to win the title.

Maybe too confident, the team let go and let the Fnatic Rising players come back to reach the score of 2-2. Terrible last set for both teams, close to the ultimate title at their level.

The Karmine Corp decided to give everything for this last round by leaving no chance or opportunity to Fnatic Rising. In terms of strategy, choice of champions to counter, as well as the ability of each player on their hero, everything was perfect for the KCorp.

End of the suspense, the Karmine Corp wins this last game against Fnatic Rising. They are for the second time European champions. Despite the departure of Adam, the team was able to show up and take up this incredible challenge. The year and the season are over for the KCorp who will probably continue training for the LFL and the EU Masters 2022.

League of Legends World Championship to begin soon?

The first League of Legends World Championship matches will start on October 05. The finals will take place one month later, on November 06, 2021.

We were talking about it recently on Lucky7Bonus, the 2021 Worlds may not take place in China, as originally planned. This has been confirmed by Riot Games, the League of Legends World Championship will now take place in Europe. The reason for this is mainly due to health reasons and especially with the restrictions in China.

Direction then to Iceland in the big city of Reykjavík for the biggest teams of the world. The games will be held at the Laugardalshöll Indoor Sporting Arena and the dates from October 05 to November 06 will not be changed. We can recognize the great ability of Riot Games to quickly reorganize itself according to the events and unforeseen events.

Unfortunately, there may still be no audience to come and support the best international teams. This information has yet to be officially confirmed by Riot Games, who should soon tell us more.

The World Championship will be a little bit different from previous years, the way it works is changed. We've decided to reserve an article to tell you everything you need to know about the League of Legends World Championship next week on Lucky7Bonus. How does it work in 2021? Which teams will be there? And any other questions you might have.

Where to bet on eSports?

eSport competitions are growing like never before. For the EU Masters final alone, over 200,000 spectators were on hand to support the French-speaking team against the English-speaking team. Naturally, betting has arrived to bet on your favorite team or player on games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow Six and League of Legends.

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