Top 4 Biggest Crazy Time Spins
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Top 4 Biggest Crazy Time Spins

Since May 2020, Crazy Time has been extremely played by online casino regulars. This is only natural, as it is one of the best televised games put out by Evolution Gaming. The multipliers can vary enormously and you need to be lucky enough to bet on the right box at the right time! But before we get into the details and the best Crazy Time wins, let's quickly review what this game show is all about.

Crazy Time is simple to understand. A giant wheel will be thrown by a presenter on the TV set. There are exactly 54 squares and 8 different symbols that will either bring you direct winnings or trigger a new feature, possibly with the chance to win even more.

The player's objective is to bet an amount on one or more symbols, hoping that the big wheel will stop on them. The player has the option to bet on the numbers: 1, 2, 5 and 10. These numbers correspond to the exact multiplier that will be applied to your starting bet. With a little luck, you can also unlock the bonus games: Crazy Time, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip or Pachinko. These games have much higher potentials, but the wheel has to stop on the corresponding squares and there are not many of them.

Above the wheel, two reels will also trigger to eventually add a multiplier to a number or one of the game's bonuses. As you will quickly understand, in order to make a titanic win on Crazy Time, you need to bet on the right symbols at the right time, unlock one of the bonuses and also get a multiplier on that bonus.

However, many players have been lucky enough to get astronomical multipliers on their original bets, thanks to the various Crazy Time bonuses. Today, Lucky7Bonus presents the biggest winnings from each of these bonuses, so you won't believe your eyes.

Pachinko - x4,000 with a potential of x10,000

Pachinko is one of the most popular bonuses of Crazy Time, there are only 2 Pachinko slots on the Ferris wheel. The principle is simple: the presenter will drop a puck at the top of a wall which has several rods to change the direction of the puck. The puck will inevitably arrive at the bottom and fall into one of the boxes with an assigned multiplier. 

In total, there are 16 multipliers present at the foot of the wall. They can vary from x2 to x50, but remember that these multipliers could be increased thanks to the first two previous rolls. If you got a x2 on the Pachinko, then your multipliers will be between x4 and x100.

In addition, it is possible to see "Double" squares appear. If the puck falls in this particular square, then all other multipliers will be doubled.

This feature is the focus of the video below, as players were given an incredible opportunity on September 8, 2021. First starting with a x15 multiplier for the Pachinko bonus and then with a wall featuring 3 "Double" slots.

The game lasted over 4 minutes! The puck kept going to the Double slot, once, twice, three times, four times and... five times! The multipliers exploded, ranging from x1,440 to x10,000, a record. Unfortunately, players didn't get the biggest multipliers, but they did walk away with a nice x3,360 on their original bet. We invite you to watch it for yourself with the video below.

However, this is not the biggest win on the Pachinko bonus. In July 2021, both reels fall on the Pachinko with a nice x20 multiplier. The Crazy Time wheel falls on it and displays a nice array with boxes ranging from x100 up to x4,000. Luck struck that day: the puck fell on the only x4 000 square! A great record for Pachinko. We let you appreciate it with the video below.

Cash Hunter - x12,500 all-time high

The Cash Hunter is another Crazy Time bonus, the player has 2 chances out of 54 to fall on it with the Ferris wheel. When falling on it, a new wall with a total of 108 multipliers will appear on the screen. They will then be replaced by emojis and randomly shuffled on the wall.

The player's objective will be to select a symbol from the 108 symbols on the wall using a barrel. After a few seconds, all the symbols will turn over and you will find out what multiplier you get. The multipliers can vary from x5 to x500.

On January 21, 2021, the luck turned for the players present on the game show: the reels offered a x25 on the Cash Hunt. The multipliers exploded from x125 to x12,500! A great deal for players selecting the right symbol on the wall. We let you discover this incredible replay on the video below.

Coin Flip - x750 with a 50/50 chance

The Coin Flip is the easiest bonus to understand in Crazy Time and the most accessible, as there are 4 Coin Flip boxes on the big wheel. The bonus is a simple coin flip with a red and a blue side. The presenter places the puck on the machine and presses a button to throw the puck in the air and make the coin flip. The interesting thing is that the red and blue sides do not have the same multiplier at all. Generally speaking, one side is much more interesting than the other.

On April 04, 2021, the reels decided to award a huge multiplier on the Coin Flip: x50! Of course, the Crazy Time Ferris wheel stops exactly on the Coin Flip bonus and then offers a x15 on the red side and a x3 on the blue side. By adding the x50 on both sides, the red color can earn x750 the bet and the blue color x150.

A 50/50 chance of hitting the jackpot for the players that day. Soon enough, the red face fell: x750 on the bet of all players who bet on the Coin Flip. So enjoy this short, but satisfying video below.

Crazy Time - x8,000 with 4 doubles

Crazy Time is the iconic bonus of the game show, but it is also the most difficult to obtain since it has only one slot out of 54 on the big wheel. Once the bonus is earned, the presenter will go to a very special room with an even bigger wheel with 64 slots with multipliers up to x200 and "Double" or "Triple" slots to double or even triple all other multipliers on the wheel.

The player will still have an impact on their destiny by choosing one of the pointers at the top of the wheel: green, blue or yellow. The player wins the multiplier found on the square where his pointer falls. Of course, the multiplier will be multiplied with the player's initial Crazy Time bet. In the case of a "Double" or "Triple", the wheel will continue to spin until the pointer in question lands on a multiplier.

On September 3, 2020, the stars aligned, as it was a x10 on Crazy Time. The wheel spins and falls right on the Crazy Time bonus. A very good x10 start for players and a boon for those who selected the blue pointer!

For the yellow and green pointers, they stop on the first turn with x200 and x100 respectively. The blue pointer will fall on the "Double" square, but not once, not twice, not three times... but four times in a row! The multipliers are doubled each round, from x1,600 to x8,000 on the last round.

What luck for the players who selected the middle pointer, as it will stop on the x 8000, a record for this incredible bonus! Lucky7Bonus lets you enjoy this "Double" sequence on the video below.

Where to play Crazy Time?

Live TV games have become very popular in online casinos thanks to the provider Evolution Gaming. It is not difficult to get access to Crazy Time, as a large majority of online casinos offer the provider's games, and it has become a classic to offer to its community.

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