Pokémon card hype: the new bitcoin
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Pokémon card hype: the new bitcoin

The History of Pokémon

Very few games remain in history and pass from generation to generation without losing their splendour. This is the case of Pokémon, a mythical franchise that originated in Japan, the land of the rising sun.

It was during 1989 that the Pokémon project (which was not called that at first) was born. Mr. Tajiri and Mr. Sugimari, who were working together on the video game magazine Game Freak, decided to completely reorganize the company. The company was transformed into a video game creation studio. For years, the studio made one game after another, but they were not very successful.

Then one of the creators, Mr. Tajiri, had an idea: to create a video game that would take up a passion from his childhood: hunting and collecting insects. With the rise of the Game Boy, he wanted to connect people around the world, thanks to the possibility of exchanging between the two portable consoles. Wishing to develop his idea, he decided to turn to Nintendo to present his game. The first presentations left the Japanese company sceptical. However, one man was totally in love with the project: Shigeru Miyamoto. A visionary, he was able to see the exceptional potential of Mr. Tajiri's idea. The Game Boy, a Nintendo creation, could be played anywhere and would be the perfect tool for Mr. Tajiri's idea.

After obtaining the approval of Mr. Miyamoto, Mr. Tajiri and Mr. Sugimari started developing the game. It is after more than 6 years of hard work that the first game is born. On February 17, 1996, the first version of the game was released: pocket monster green and pocket monster red. In total, 151 Pokémon were created and released. Sales of the game were slow to rise, but word of mouth enabled an entire generation to discover a new phenomenon. That same year, the "fire" version was released and exploded in sales. In less than a year, 10 million games were sold in Japan alone.

Due to the phenomenal success in Japan, the company decided to export to the United States. In 1998, the first Pokémon game was released (for copyright reasons, the name had to be changed). During the year, 2.5 million games were sold across the United States. A year later, it was Europe's turn to welcome this new social phenomenon. Since then, Pokémon has become a game, cards, derivatives, films, cartoons... A fully-fledged business that enjoys an inter-generational popularity that few other companies have.

Pokémon card opening video

The same year that the pocket monster games were released, Pokémon cards were created. A social phenomenon, Pokémon cards are passed down from generation to generation. For those who may not be aware, collectors are looking for the rarest cards. These cards, which can fetch astronomical sums if they meet certain criteria, are bought at a premium. However, other people prefer to buy whole packs of Pokémon and open them on video. On French-speaking YouTube, one person stands out from the rest: DavidLafargePokémon. This youtuber has become known for opening packs of Pokémon cards and having reactions that are sometimes out of the ordinary. Mocked in the beginning because some people thought Pokémon was "a game for kids", DavidLafargePokémon has not let go of his passion or YouTube and has become the reference in the French-speaking world.

In recent weeks, casino players such as Teufeurs or Bidule and much more famous Youtubers such as Michou have started to open boosters.

With the rise in popularity of Pokémon cards and the business it can generate, Lucky7Bonus decided to do an article on the subject.

Kameto gets the Firecracker!

One of the first people to get the word out about Pokémon cards again is Kameto. The famous youtuber, who also does live shows on Twitch, has invested almost €20,000 in two boosters of the first edition of Pokémon cards. This order, the young French-speaker made it to an American. The latter, live on Twitch, opened the boosters to people who asked for them. Each time someone passed him, Kameto crossed his fingers that a hologram would not fall. When the young man's turn came, the passage was just exceptional.

For the first Pokémon card purchase of his life, Kameto gets the most expensive card in Pokémon, the Firecracker.

If you would like to relive the whole of Kameto's passage, please watch the following video.

The crazy opening of Teufeurs

Accustomed to playing huge sums of money at the online casino, TeufeurS decided to open a mega pack on Pokémon. Last February, the French speaker decided to buy a Pokémon base set edition 1 display worth €40,000. Félix, Bidule, TeufeurS, Seinhor, there was a lot of people at this opening. The reason this opening is so special is that the 28-year-old gambler can potentially get the most expensive card in Pokémon: the Rootstocks. In the box, there are 36 boosters, where 12 holographic ones await the young man. In total, for this kind of display, 16 different holographic cards are available. So TeufeurS has 12 chances out of 16 to get the Grail. However, this card is not the only one sought by the French speaker.

Live on Twitch, TeufeurS experienced an exceptional opening that we suggest you watch again in the video below.

→ Full video of the opening below.

The video of Michou x David x Seinhor

A few days ago, it was Michou's turn to make news. The young youtuber caused controversy after announcing to his community that he had spent €50,000 on a Pokémon display. Despite some misgivings, Michou pursued his idea to the end and opened a Pokémon basic set edition 1 display. If the purchase prices of the same displays vary so much, it is due to the simple principle of supply and demand.

For his opening, Michou invited the crème de la crème of the Pokémon field on YouTube: DavidLafarge, Inoxtag, Seinhor9, Dobby, Invest Collect and TiKry.

This opening was already going to be exceptional with the number of guests and also the price of the display. Like the other Internet personalities, Michou was looking for the Firecracker. While this opening was already shaping up to be exceptional, the events that took place during this opening will make it simply historic and unique in the world.

On his main YouTube channel, Michou made a full video of the opening.

What future for Pokémon cards?

Pokémon cards are back in the spotlight and more and more influencers and investors are starting to take an interest in this new market. The reason why some people invest so much money in certain displays is that they can potentially make you a lot more money than the purchase price. So, between American influencers such as Logan Paul or those in the French-speaking world such as Michou, Pokémon seems to have a very bright future ahead of it.

Released in 1996, Pokémon is now 25 years old. In its 25 years of existence, Pokémon has rocked the childhoods of millions of people around the world, and the generations that have grown up with the phenomenon seem to want to push it back into the spotlight.

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