Bidule tries again the Million or the Street challenge!
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Bidule tries again the Million or the Street challenge!

A few months ago, Bidule reached a balance of over half a million euros for the first time in his life. At the time, the young man had a specific idea in mind: to reach a balance of one million euros. Each time the young Maltese resident managed to increase his balance drastically, he tried again and again to meet the challenge. Unfortunately for him, Bidule has failed in his first four attempts. So will the fifth one be the right one? That's what we're going to see in this article, which tells the whole story of : The Million or the Street #5.

Where does the money come from?

A few days ago, Bidule achieved, for the first time in his life as a gambler, a rare feat: reaching the maximum winning potential of a slot machine. On the evening of Monday 28 June 2021, Bidule launched a stream at around 9pm, as he usually does. After several hours of battling the slots, he decides to buy a bonus on Fruit Party for €10,000. A few seconds later, Bidule gets the maximum set-up that allows him to win €500,000 (x 5,000 the starting bet), the maximum potential of this slot machine. You can relive this feat by clicking here.

Confused, the young man decided to save his balance for an episode number 4 of the series which he named himself: Le Million ou La Rue with a balance of 600 000 €.

Unfortunately for him, the young man missed his goal once again and decided to quit after losing €300,000 in one night. If you want to relive the whole evening, Lucky7Bonus has put together an article which you can find here.

For those who know Bidule, this young man doesn't give up that easily. On June 30th, in the middle of the afternoon, he decided to go to several slot machines and do a bonus hunt with the €300,000 he had left at Cresus Casino, the site where he decided to do this feat.

After several hours of getting bonuses, Bidule announced to his viewers that he had completed one of the best hunts of his life:

  • 114 bonus to open with a break even of x45. The break even is the minimum multiplier you need to have on your entire opening to get back the amount you spent. So the lower the break even, the more likely you are to have a profit at the end of your bonus hunt if you are lucky.

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The opening of the bonus hunt is going exceptionally well for Bidule, who is racking up x100. Even though he's had a rough go of it, Bidule still managed to make a large profit, thanks in part to an outstanding hit of over €126,000 on the Razor Shark slot.

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After more than 3 hours of opening, Bidule makes a few hands in blackjack where he manages to raise his balance to just over €600,000. After his stream, Bidule makes an announcement to his followers on Twitter: there will be an episode 5 of the million or the street.

The million or the street #5: party number 2

An evening that starts extremely well...

For his fifth attempt at the million or street, Bidule had a thunderous start, as luck finally seemed to be on his side. For several days, the young man has been playing the Razor Shark slot machine a lot. Indeed, the latter seems to be particularly generous lately and the young Frenchman decided to start his challenge on this slot. After about ten minutes of stream, Bidule gets his first bonus. After several unsuccessful spins, Bidule manages to get a gold coin "x 100" with a multiplier of x11. But the bonus doesn't stop there and the Maltese resident manages to hit a new win of almost €30,000.

Bidule ended his first bonus of the evening with a win of €149,470 and with this win he increased his balance to a new personal best: €754,000.

Very happy, Bidule finally seems to feel the luck turning on his side.

... But which quickly becomes cataclysmic for Bidule

Unfortunately for him, the evening did not go at all to plan. After more than an hour of battling with the slot machines, Bidule saw his balance drop from €754,000 to almost €698,000. Even though he is still in the black for the time being, the young man wants to play the volatility to put all the chances on his side. To do this, Bidule goes to a game he is particularly fond of: roulette.

Not very lucky with roulette lately, Bidule still doesn't seem to be in tune with this table game. After 6 rounds of roulette and no numbers hit, the gambler leaves the table with - €118,800 in his balance.

Whenever roulette doesn't seem to be on Bidule's side, he likes to turn to another table game: blackjack. Usually quite lucky with this game, Bidule is about to experience hell in a matter of minutes. With a balance of €578,000 on arrival, the young boy will see his balance melt like snow in the sun to reach a balance of €300,000 only 20 minutes after arriving on the table.

But how is this possible? In search of a substantial boost to his goal, Bidule quickly moved to full table hands and bets of over €80,000 on each game. When luck didn't seem to be on Bidule's side, it wasn't faking it. Even though the draw was always in the young man's favour, the dealer almost never busted, causing Bidule to lose the vast majority of his hands. The following screen is a perfect record of the first part of Bidule's evening in blackjack.

Dejected, Bidule tried two last moves at the roulette wheel, but the wheel still did not seem to want to pay the young man. In less than an hour and a half, the young man experienced a real rollercoaster ride. But the reality of the casino is that Bidule has lost over €400,000 on table games alone, and that's only in a few minutes. Upset, the young man decided to stop his stream at €280,000, €20,000 less than the limit he had set for himself. Aware of Bidule's disastrous evening, viewers send their streamer as much love as possible, which seems to affect him particularly at such a difficult time.

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Which finally manages to rise from its ashes: the million finally reached!

Just when it seemed that episode 5 of the Million or More Street was completely over, Bidule launched a new stream, less than 20 minutes after stopping the previous one. While he had left the viewers with a balance of €280,000, the young man is back live, but this time with a balance of over €800,000. Shocked, the people watching the stream don't necessarily understand what's going on. On his side, Bidule is smiling again, something he had lost a few minutes before.

Very unhappy in blackjack, Bidule decided to make some hands, but this time outside his stream. And unlike when he was live, Bidule finally has luck on his side as this card game manages to tip the balance of the young man towards his goal.

For those who want an explanation of the bump, the following video summarises it perfectly.


A few minutes after restarting the live game, Bidule finally managed to fulfil one of his greatest wishes since he started gambling on the Internet: to reach a balance of one million euros at an online casino.

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Once the million euro mark has been reached, Bidule does not want to stop and has set himself a new challenge: to reach €1.2 million. To do this, he has set himself a limit of €800,000. For more than an hour and a half, the young man battles with the slot machines and table games, where he manages to score a few hits, especially on roulette, which finally seems to be paying off.

But unfortunately for him, despite his hits, his balance does not manage to rise considerably, and it varies between €1,000,000 and €800,000. With only a few thousand euros left before he reaches €800,000, Bidule decides to go to the roulette wheel again, where it will be particularly generous to the young man, allowing him to raise his balance to €882,000. The €82,000 before reaching €800,000 means an €80,000 blackjack hand for Bidule. So, he decides again to make a full table in front of the viewers, but unlike his first stream, luck is back with the francophone.

He made his first win at €138,000, before losing money on a second hand and winning a third at over €183,000, taking his balance to just over €978,000.

While he had set a goal at the beginning of the stream, Bidule eventually wanted to return to his €1 million balance before stopping his stream. Seconds after winning €183,000 on a blackjack hand, he won a second one for €100,000, taking his balance to €1,024,422, a personal best.

Very happy and tired, the young man decided to stop his stream, in front of viewers who were very happy for him, especially after what he had experienced earlier in the evening.

And now, what will he do with the million?

After more than three years of playing live slots on Twitch, Bidule has finally reached his goal of having a balance of one million euros.

So what will he do with this huge sum? The young man announced on his Twitter account that he will already withdraw €500,000, while the remaining €500,000 will be put back into play for an exceptional bonus hunt, this Sunday, July 4, 2021. So for those of you who don't want to miss this historic moment, check out Bidule's Twitch channel this Sunday.

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A word of caution: the casino always wins!

Even though Bidule's night was exceptional and historic, he still had moments where the casino showed him why he was a winner in the long run. As you have read in this summary, Bidule had a balance of more than €750,000 before seeing it squandered in less than an hour.

At Lucky7Bonus, we spend a lot of time highlighting special offers, online casinos and articles about great wins from the growing community of gamblers on Twitch.

However, as we like to remind you throughout our articles that highlight astronomical winnings or exceptional streams as achieved by Bidule in this article, the casino is always a winner in the long run. So, what Bidule has done is not to be reproduced and it is a very bad example to follow. Indeed, if you lose money on an online casino, do not try to chase your losses or put more money in hoping to win more.

For those who cannot control their gambling, we have put together an article on the subject with all the help you can get. Don't be ashamed to use the links in this article, they can help or even save your life or the life of someone who can't get away from gambling. To read this article, please click here.

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