Bidule misses its challenge by 500,000 to 1 million euros
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Bidule misses its challenge by 500,000 to 1 million euros

On Sunday, January 31, Bidule had set himself a challenge: the Porsche or the street, a reference to the song by RoK, a friend of Bidule. The concept is simple, with a balance of €500,000, the young streamer had set himself the goal of reaching €1 million. However, the former CS:GO player didn't have the chance on his side and his challenge ended very quickly.

Lucky7Bonus has decided to give you a summary of the Bidule challenge, which did not go as planned.

How did he earn €500,000?

Saturday, January 30, 2021, Bidule decides to launch a stream in the evening, as he usually does. The first casino on which he starts his session is Lucky8. In a little over 3 hours, the gambling king transforms his initial €5,000 into €500,000.

If Bidule obtains such a high balance, it is thanks to the many hits made :

  • Cherry Pop : 42 000 €

  • Blackjack (perfect brelan) : 116 500 €

  • Pachinko : 62 750 €

  • Crazy Time : 250 000 €

  • Release the Kraken : 35 000 €

If you want to know exactly what happened during this exceptional session, Lucky7Bonus has produced an article that you can find on our blog.

A video featuring the two biggest hits in Crazy Time was also published on Bidule's YouTube channel.

Watch on YouTube

A catastrophic second day

A few hours after the emotion had subsided, Bidule took a step back and asked himself the question: what to do with the money? After a night of reflection, Bidule decided to go on a million euro hunt, a challenge not yet realized in the world of French-speaking streaming. To do so, the young man still set himself many limits not to be exceeded... which in the end he does not respect.

One day after winning €500,000, luck seemed to be on Bidule's side. However, if the casino exists, it is because he remains a winner in the long run. The young Maltese resident knows this and paid the fee on the second day of the challenge.

When he starts his session on Lucky8 with his €500,000, Bidule's only limit is €350,000. Contrary to Saturday night when all the stars were lined up to make Bidule a happy man, on this Sunday, the 7th did not seem to bring luck to the streamer. From the very first minutes of his session, a strange premonition invaded the live. Indeed, the slot machines are not working, Crazy Time is taking back almost 40 000 € from Bidule and the bonus purchases are absolutely not successful.

Crazy Time, buying bonuses, slot machines, nothing seems to succeed at Bidule. Seeing his balance drop significantly, Bidule decides to go blackjack. But as you can imagine, the session didn't go at all as planned. The following GIF is a perfect summary of Bidule's evening.

With the €3,000 he has left before reaching the €350,000 mark, Bidule goes to the roulette table. Unfortunately for him, this choice won't pay off.

Assessment of the second day of the Bidule challenge: -150 000 € → new balance: € 350 000.

From the 3rd day the challenge ends

After an exceptional month of January, Bidule wanted to repeat his exploits. On this Monday, February 1st, Bidule decided to continue his challenge: the Porsche or the street.

As you can imagine, if we are writing these lines, it is because the beginning stopped on this first day of Valentine's Day. Contrary to his last session where Bidule had not been allowed any hits, during this session, he still had a good time.

At roulette for example, despite the rules he had set himself, Bidule tried several times the technique of "grolex", a specialty of his friend Teufeurs. This choice paid off, as Bidule won nearly €54,000 on one of his first attempts.

Unfortunately for him, this technique will only work once. After two unsuccessful attempts, the young man decides to go to blackjack, his favorite game to increase his balance. For several minutes, Bidule fights with the dealer. Lost hands or a tie with the dealer, Bidule can't make it. On the verge of cracking, he decides to increase his bets drastically, even going as high as three hands on the table. Luck finally seems to be turning for our favorite gambler, as he manages to get his hands together to raise his balance to €315,000 from €220,000.

However, this chance was short-lived. After a short string of victories, Bidule was then punished by the dealer. Several lost hands, doubled hands that were won by the croupier... Bidule's last hope was then in the hands of the roulette wheel.

After coming to roulette for the first time to try out the grolex technique, which had only paid for it once, the young man didn't give up and gave it a second chance. He decides to use the last thousands of euros he has left before reaching the €200,000 mark to try a big boost balance. However, when luck isn't on your side, it can sometimes even "make fun" of you. For one of his last spins at the roulette wheel, Bidule sees the ball stop next to the "17", the number that pays the most (with the 20) in the grolex technique.

This is the last straw that breaks the camel's back. After that, Bidule decides to try his luck again at roulette, but no hits will come. So, three days after seeing his balance climb to €500,000, it is now €200,000. "Even though I can afford to go down to €0, I don't want to," said Bidule, who then decided to end his challenge after losing €300,000 in two days.

Take care of your money

On Lucky7Bonus, we usually highlight Bidule's biggest winnings. However, you should not forget that the online casino is a winner in the long run, no matter how much money you win. The Bidule session is a perfect example of this. Luck may be with you, but the math will always win. So, as we often remind you in our articles, only play for money you can afford to lose.

The online casino is an entertainment and not a way to make money. Bidule and the other French-speaking streamers can afford to lose sometimes colossal sums of money thanks to the partnerships and their consequent bankrolls.

If you feel that your urge to gamble at online casinos is getting out of control, Lucky7Bonus has written an article to help you out. To read it, click here.

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