Bidule transforms 5 000 € into 500 000 € in 3 hours!
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Bidule transforms 5 000 € into 500 000 € in 3 hours!

Bidule had an exceptional start to the year 2021. A few weeks after an exceptional session that saw its balance rise from €10,000 to €250,000 in one day, the Twitch streamer achieved a feat on Saturday, January 30. Lucky7Bonus has decided to give you an overview of this evening that will remain in Bidule's memory for many years to come.

Difficult beginnings

It's on Lucky8, where you get an exclusive bonus thanks to Lucky7Bonus, that Bidule starts his live show with €30,000, thanks to a boost balance he got before his session on Friday, January 29th started.

For nearly an hour, the French-speaking streamer runs a series of slot machines without winning anything except thanks to a purchase on Sweet Bonanza at €5,000 which will bring him nearly €13,000. It is with €8,000 less on his balance that the 23-year-old decides to go to Cherry Pop.

Cherry Pop and Blackjack make the scales explode

Cherry Pop is a double-edged slot machine. If luck is with you, it can increase your balance significantly. However, if you keep buying bonuses and don't get the 12 spins you've been looking for, your balance can go down very quickly. As you can imagine, if Lucky7Bonus is writing these lines, it means that luck was on Bidule's side on this Saturday, January 30, 2021.

After buying a €20 bonus, Bidule leaves the Cherry Pop slot with €41,888. A huge win that brings the Maltese resident's balance to €65,000.

For a few minutes, the 23-year-old continued to play slot machines before going to blackjack. Arriving with €72,000 in balance, Bidule's blackjack session will prove to be exceptional.

His first hands are disastrous and the biggest French streamer sees his balance drop to 30 000 €. Beginning to get "tilted", the young man gets his winning hands at €10,000, which will allow him to go up to around €75,000.

A €110,000 blackjack hand!

For several minutes, Bidule has a series of winning and losing hands and can't get his balance up as he wishes. Liking to play big hands and especially with big side-bet bets, Bidule is a player who takes a lot of risks. Constantly searching for the "perfect" hand, Bidule finally got it after more than 20 minutes of battling with the dealer. With side bets of €1,000 on the left side and €500 on the right side, the streamer is going to get a perfect three of a kind, the best side-bet in blackjack. We let you admire Bidule's reaction, in shock.

Even though it is already a very consistent hand, Bidule decides to split his 3, as the Lucky7Bonus chart indicates. Thus, it is no longer an initial bet of €11,500, but €21,500. A very large sum, but, in case of loss to the dealer, will be largely refunded thanks to the side-bet obtained by Bidule.

However, when the luck is with Bidule, it is until the end. The "perfect" hand would not be perfect without a win against the dealer. Thus, after flipping 4, 5, Ace and Ten, the dealer reaches 23, losing to Bidule's hand. Thus, in addition to the side-bet, Bidule also wins his hand, which earns him €116,500. With an initial hand at €11,500, he finishes with €116,500. An exceptional win that allows him to raise his balance to €203,315.

A historical Crazy Time session

Even though Bidule has a balance of €200,000, he doesn't want to stop there. After losing one last hand in blackjack, the streamer decides to move on to slot machines. However, after a few minutes, the former gambler on CS:GO decides to go to Crazy Time, a game he had given up in recent weeks.

As usual, the French-speaking gambler decides to bet the maximum on the "bonuses" of Crazy Time. From the second round of Crazy Time, Bidule gets a "pachinko" in x10. On the screen, the initial multipliers are not huge. However, the 10x multiplier changes the game. The maximum multiplier on the screen is x250 and as you can imagine, this is where the multiplier will fall. So, with an initial bet of €250 on the game, Bidule wins €62,750, raising his balance to over €250,000.

Despite this magnificent hit, once again Bidule decides to continue his session without setting any real balance objectives. While he thought he had already experienced an exceptional session, the young Maltese resident was certainly not expecting what was going to happen to him. While he was quietly playing on a slot machine, Crazy Time went crazy: Crazy Time in x20. Who says exceptional evening says exceptional thing, the wheel stops on the Crazy Time. Thus, all the winnings on the Crazy Time wheel are multiplied by 20. Shocked, Bidule doesn't know what to choose and finally turns to the blue arrow. The blue arrow stops on a multiplier x2,000, which allows the young man to win the modest sum of €250,125, making it the 3rd biggest win in his life. We let you appreciate Bidule's reaction.

Thanks to this exceptional hit, Bidule sees its balance increase to €498,000.

Target: €500,000

So close to the 500 000 € balance, Bidule wants to reach this sum at all costs. However, the streamer still sets limits not to be exceeded. For almost an hour, the gambling king fights with the slot machines that give him nothing. As his balance drops to €460,000 and his goal of €500,000 is a long way off, luck intervenes again to propel Bidule to half a million euros..

Bidule decides to go to Release The Kraken and buy bonuses at €3,000. The first 4 bonuses don't allow the 23-year-old to raise his balance. It is at the end of the 5th bonus bought that the magic will work. Whereas the bonus started particularly badly, the last trick on the machine under Release The Kraken will allow Bidule to win nearly 33 000 € on a single trick.

This exceptional hit will allow Bidule to reach its objective: to have 500 000 € of balance.

Bidule's objective with the €500,000

With now 500 000 € balance on Lucky8, Bidule does not want to stop here. Following the example of what Roshtein achieved during the month of January, Bidule also wants to reach the one million euro balance. To do this, the friend of TeufeurS has set several rules:

An exciting series that's coming up, and Lucky7Bonus will tell you about each episode..

If you would like to review the two hits made during the session, a video has been made on Bidule's YouTube channel.

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