An exceptional day at 250 000€ for Bidule!
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An exceptional day at 250 000€ for Bidule!

The year 2021 seems to be starting with a bang for Bidule! On Sunday 3rd January, the 23 year old decided to launch a live show on the Twitch platform in the early afternoon. After several hours of battling with the casino, Bidule transforms 10,000€ into 55,000€. Later in the day, he decides to put his winnings back into play. 100 000€ or nothing! And against all expectations, it is not with 100 000€ that the French streamer will leave, but with 250 000€. Summary of another exceptional day.

A first stream that starts badly...

For the first time in many weeks, Bidule has launched a stream on its Twitch channel in the early afternoon. Contrary to his usual practice of playing "aggressively", the French streamer explains to his viewers that today he wants to play in a less aggressive way. As usual, Bidule tries to boost his balance. At each casino he visits, the Maltese resident succeeds in increasing his balance significantly. However, luck not being on his side, he does not manage to complete any wager despite all the boost balances.

After more than two hours fighting with the casino, Bidule tries it all. He decides to play with €10,000 in RAW money (i.e. he plays his own money and has no wager or other conditions) on Tortuga.

To increase his balance, Bidule goes to blackjack where he turns his €10,000 into €25,000 after winning a few hands.

... And that ends with 55 000€

After getting his boost balance up to €25,000, Bidule decides to play on two slot machines at the same time. Unfortunately for him, luck was not on his side and the slots took back a very large part of what he had won. Indeed, his balance goes from 25 000€ to 14 000€ in a few minutes. Very annoyed, Bidule decides to go on a bonus buy. After several purchases that pay him very little, he wins almost 7,500€ on the slot machine Fruit Party with a purchase at 4 000€.

The other slot machine that Bidule likes to buy as a bonus purchase is The Dog House Megaways. Looking to increase his balance significantly, he takes the risk of buying a €5,000 bonus when he has less than €15,000 left in his balance. A very risky purchase, especially with the extreme volatility of this machine.

But the risk taken by Bidule will be returned to him significantly by the slot machine. Indeed, thanks to a magnificent set-up and niches on all the lines, Bidule will earn nearly 24 500€ on this bonus purchase. Thus, his balance is now over 30 000€, 20 000€ away from his target.

As he likes to do it every time he is close to his goal, Bidule decides to go blackjack to end his session. Unfortunately for him, things don't go as planned and he quickly loses €10,000 which brings him down to €20,000. But nothing frightens the young youtubeur who persists in blackjack. As you can imagine, his luck is about to change. After a hard fight against the dealer, Bidule reaches 55 000€ thanks to a blackjack on his last hand.

Happy to have reached his goal, Bidule announces to his viewers that he could put the 55,000€ won back into play on Sunday evening.

From 55 000€ ... to 250 000€ in one evening!

As he had announced to his viewers, Bidule decided to launch a live show on his Twitch channel, around 9 pm. First of all, Bidule decides to use the money he has on several casinos before launching into RAW money. For his first session, he decides to go to Gamdom where he comes out with $20,000. Very happy and generous, Bidule decides to share part of his winnings with the players registered at this casino.

As he had done earlier in the day, Bidule gets a lot of boost balance on the casinos he visits. Unfortunately for him, apart from Gamdom, in the other casinos it does not manage to complete the wager in spite of a sometimes very consequent balance.

55,000€ put back into play, but not everything goes as planned...

So, after losing his money in all the casinos where he was playing, Bidule returns to Tortuga where the 55,000€ he won earlier in the day are waiting for him. In order not to lose his money quickly, the young man first decides to go to the slot machines. Indeed, he doesn't want to go directly to a live slot machine where things can quickly turn both positively and negatively.

Unfortunately for him, like what he experienced earlier in the day, the slot machines pay him very little. Even the bonus buying session is a disaster for Bidule who sees his balance drop very significantly. In just a few minutes, his balance goes from 55,000€ to 35,000€.

... But Bidule's incredible intuition is going to change all that!

While he is on the verge of cracking and returning to blackjack, Bidule is seized with an incredible moment of lucidity. "I was going to say blackjack, but don't crack now," he explains to those watching him. So, instead of going to blackjack, Bidule decides to buy a bonus on the Chaos Crew slot machine. Even if his balance drops significantly, he takes the risk of buying his first bonus at €6,450. While he was explaining to his viewers how volatile this bonus could be, the slot machine decided at that moment to show its full potential. It is with €163,000 and a multiplier of x3,260 that Bidule will leave this slot machine.

Now that his balance is around €190,000, Bidule has set himself a new target: €250,000 maximum. However, he also sets a limit of €150,000.

Pushed by his chat, Bidule decides to go to the roulette wheel and play the "GROLEX". A roulette technique created by his friend TeufeurS. Reluctant to the idea of playing this technique without TeufeurS, Bidule yields. With only two spins, Bidule falls on number 29 which brings him €9,000, especially on number 19 which allows him to pocket €56,000. It is with 225 000€ that Bidule decides to leave the roulette wheel.

At only €25,000 from his goal, Bidule decides to go to a private blackjack table. However, with all the tables taken, the gambler didn't know what to do. Then his chat gives him the idea of making $250 spins on the Big Bass Bonanza slot machine. First of all, Bidule was very reluctant to play this slot machine, especially with such a high bet. But seeing that no blackjack tables were available and being pushed by his chat, Bidule decided to take the plunge. After a few spins, he first gets a €13,000 base game hit.

After 61 laps of the machine, Bidule gets the free spins on this slot machine. During this evening, Bidule was lucky and left the slot machine with 42 500€.

With now 249 000€ as balance, the Frenchman decides to reach 250 000€ in blackjack. From his first hand at €1,000, Bidule wins it and reaches €250,000.

In a single day, the mad gambler turned €10,000 into €250,000. An exceptional performance that makes Bidule's evening one of the most historic since he has been playing gambling.

At the end of his stream, Bidule shares his emotion on social networks. As he always reminds us, what happened to him is something very rare.

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