Bidule achieves the best bonus hunt in history
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Bidule achieves the best bonus hunt in history

The number 1 French slot streamer has recently rediscovered its legendary luck and is making a string of big winnings, providing its viewers with some great sessions. The casino is always a winner in the long run and you shouldn't play with the expectation of profits, but it can happen that sessions where luck follows you can happen.

Throughout his career as a streamer slot, Bidule has had the opportunity to organise a huge number of bonus hunts. Thanks to his exceptional luck, the young Maltese resident is now well known for this bonus hunt exercise.

However, the bonus hunt on Friday 9th July 2021 is unlike anything the streamer slot has seen in recent years. After starting its farm with a balance of €300,000, Bidule ends its bonus opening with over €880,000!

Lucky7Bonus takes a quick look back at what can certainly be considered the best bonus hunt in history.

A great farm

The day before this incredible session, Bidule had opened another bonus hunt. With a break even x80, this one didn't go so well. Starting with a balance of €300,000, the young Frenchman managed to finish the opening bonus with an incredible profit of €66.

Determined to do better than this neutral evening, Bidule has the excellent idea to put his balance back into play in this exercise he loves so much.

Farming a bonus hunt ? what is it ?

To farm a hunt bonus, you have to go to the basic slot game and hope to get the free spins feature quickly. When the free spins are obtained, you must then exit the slot and repeat the same operation on the next slot

The bonuses are saved, the aim being to get as many as possible before you get a balance of €0. The interesting part is this: opening all the saved bonuses in a chain in the hope of at least getting the base balance back.

A good break even

Once the €300,000 balance is fully spent, there are 74 bonuses at €20, €40, €50 and even 20 bonuses at €100 that are ready to pay!

The break even (average multiplier to reach to get the balance back) is then x62, an excellent multiplier but nothing exceptional for the one who makes the best slot game bonus hunts on Twitch.

To get such a low break even, Bidule allowed himself to slightly increase his balance thanks to a good blackjack session and can also thank the 3 Pop slots. By purchasing all 3 bonuses, the gamble to increase the number of free spins was successful on the first try, something quite rare.

An exceptional bonus opening

Let's go straight to the most fun part of a bonus hunt: the opening.

Indeed, the farm and the stats may look promising beforehand, but if luck is not on your side during the free spins, you can be disappointed very quickly.

Obviously, that's not what happened on Friday night at all. After opening only 19 bonuses, almost €170,000 has already been collected thanks to an average multiplier of x200. A rather exceptional start, which suggested a good evening.

While the following bonuses seem to be closer to reality, with winnings of 10 to 100 times the bet, the balance is very close to the start and the Juicy Fruits slot decides to make a splash with a full screen Wild for an incredible win of over €176,000!

The young Maltese resident's balance then reaches over €450,000 with 22 bonuses left to open, 20 of which are €100 wagers. However, Bidule was not ready for what the slot gods had in store for him...

The opening continued at a great pace with big wins on classics such as Fruit Party and The Dog House Megaways further increasing the balance, but it was Mystery Museum that finally smashed the stats, making this the best bonus hunt in history.

Thanks to a grid full of gladiators, Bidule leaves this bonus with €243,320 more on his balance!

Crazy stats

This bonus hunt ends with €886,735. An exceptional profit for a €300,000 start thanks to an incredible opening from start to finish in addition to 2 huge hits to inflate the total win.

Finally, the average multiplier on the 74 bonuses is x171 whereas x62 would have been enough to recover the base balance. These are staggering statistics, far from the reality of the casino in the long run. And although the rest of the evening did not allow Bidule to reach the million again, luck was very much on his side that night

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