A supercharged Treasure Day, the end of PES and a gold medal for France: a look back at the eSport news!
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A supercharged Treasure Day, the end of PES and a gold medal for France: a look back at the eSport news!

For the first time since the creation of the LFL, the teams of the championship faced each other in front of an audience!

In Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France, the Tresor Day took place yesterday, in a crazy atmosphere. A room literally filled with fans, mostly from Karmine Corp, made noise from 6pm until late at night! Despite some connection problems, the event was up to scratch and the players raised their game to deliver quality matches to the fans who came and the tens of thousands of viewers on the streaming platforms.

In this article, Lucky7Bonus takes a look back at the Treasury Day, as well as the latest eSport news.

KCORP 1 - 0 Vitality Bee

This was the most anticipated match of this Tresor Day. The ultras were present in large numbers to support the defending champions against a valiant Vitality Bee team as the two teams shared first place in the LFL standings.

After a remarkable start to the season by the Karmine Corp, hopes of an 18-0 run were extinguished in the second half of the summer split when Kameto and Prime's men were forced to concede 3 early losses. Vitality Bee took advantage of this to climb back up the standings and share first place, and it was this match in Aix-en-Provence that would decide the two teams.

After a balanced start and a good level of play from Vitality thanks in part to a well-executed draft, Saken decided to pull an incredible move out of his hat to completely turn the game around and allow his team to take the lead. This lead allowed Cabochard and his partners to roll over their opponents at the end of the game to take the lead in the LFL standings on this special live day.

Despite some seemingly trivial personal stats, it is Saken who gets the MVP award for his dragon move that sealed the game.

You can appreciate Saken's vision and level of play on this incredible action:

Misfits Academy 1 - 0 BDS

Misfits took the lead quickly and managed to dominate the match from start to finish. Despite a few bursts of energy, BDS could not come back and had to lose. Sertuss plays a very high level game and leaves with the MVP.

IZIDream 1 - 0 GamersOrigin

IZIDream decided to make a rather original draft and we can say that it was the right choice. The underdog team, very badly placed in the league, is already not playing much at all in this summer split and has nothing to lose. On the other hand, GO had to win to get back into the playoff race. But thanks to a wild Zed and Ziggs, it's IZIDream who wins this match and the MVP, which is difficult to award, will go to Seelame.

LDLC 0 - 1 Solary

Despite a balanced draft, Solary took an immediate lead in this match. After an early game in their opponent's favour, LDLC experienced a total disconnection of the team which caused a long technical break. The latter was not enough to change the course of the game and Solary thanks to a very clever mental trap concluded with a quick victory.

MCES 1 - 0 GameWard

In a scenario similar to Team 8's match against GO, MCES had an excellent draft before dominating every fight and eventually the match as a whole. A second underdog team that reverses the odds by playing at home. Thanks to the presence of the crowd, the men of MCES were galvanized, united and seemed unplayable.

A first gold medal for France at the Olympics?

This gold medal will not be part of the official ranking of this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo, but it still represents a great victory for the French flag. To further celebrate this July 14th, Victor "Fairy Peak" Locquet, Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant and Yanis "Alpha54" Champenois, the European champion trio of the Vitality team, represented France at the Intel World Open Europe on the game Rocket League.

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave its approval for a competition on the video game Starcraft II to be held in parallel with the Olympics and in the same city. Three years later, the IOC is organising the Intel World Open, an eSport competition on the games Street Fighter V and Rocket League alongside the Tokyo Olympic Games.

While the competition is divided into 4 regions (Europe, America, Asia and Oceania), it is the french team from Vitality that won the IWO Europe!

The French trio from Vitality already know each other very well as they won this year's European Championship and were favourites for this competition alongside the Olympics.

Kaydop, who has been in good form recently, won the best player award of the competition. The Tricolores faced the Netherlands in the final, a team that had given them a hard time in the group stages.

This IOC organisation gives hope for the future of eSport and although there were not many spectators at this online-only Intel World Open due to the health crisis, some players enjoyed winning in comfort:

Fnatic wins the clasico before the Rogue game

After a complicated start to the LEC season for Fnatic, the Black and Orange asserted their status as title contenders by defeating G2 in a high-profile clasico last Saturday.

The win keeps Fnatic at the top of the standings, tied with Rogue (10-3), and both teams have secured their place in this season's Playoffs.

After the arrival of Adam Maanane from KCorp, Fnatic had a hard time finding the right rhythm, but this has been done in the last few weeks with a string of wins. Adam has adapted to the European level and especially to the beginning of the competition in physics, the young rookie has impressed with a high level game, at the controls of Dr Mundo.

On the other side, Vitality continues to believe in the Playoffs despite an up and down season. After two losses last week to G2 and MAD, the Bees will have to step up their game to beat Misfits right now and hope to stay in the race at the end of the regular season.

The duel of the night is between Fnatic and Rogue. The two leaders of this summer split face off tonight in a match full of surprises to decide the rightful first place!

The end of PES and the launch of eFootball

Konami, the publisher of the football simulation PES, surprised the gaming community by announcing the end of the PES franchise on Wednesday 21st July. The franchise will be replaced by eFootball, a free online licence, this autumn.

PES, the historical rival of the video game FIFA since 1995, is thus bowing out after more than a quarter of a century spent developing at least one game per year. It is true that FIFA had radically detached itself from PES in terms of success and sales since 2010. But the latter still retained a solid community, attached to the functioning and the different strategy of this football simulation.

Konami, the Japanese publisher, certainly wants to differentiate itself from FIFA by attracting those disappointed with the market leader, often criticized in recent years.

The latest FIFA games have not been unanimously appreciated by fans, especially since the arrival of the FUT Champions game mode. The latter has allowed the eSport universe of FIFA to experience exceptional growth, but the drifts generated and the professionalization of this video game have not pleased everyone.

With a free online game available on consoles, PC and mobile devices, Konami wants to reach a new market with eFootball and offer a totally different content than its long-time competitor. eFootball is advertised as being fully cross-platform, meaning that you can play against your friends or other players in multiplayer mode whether you are on your mobile, console or PC against any device.

Konami says it will be updating the game very frequently in order to make it as progressive as possible and to allow for a smoother transition between the different seasons of the real world of football.

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