The incredible run of a roulette fan!
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The incredible run of a roulette fan!

Every player who makes a deposit at an online casino wants to have fun, experience excitement and of course dreams of winning huge sums of money. Every gambling session has its positive moments, which are intertwined with more complicated times, and in the end the casino will very often be the big winner of the experience. Very often, but not always.

This story is literally every gambling enthusiast's dream. Last week, 38-year-old Quentin, who has been a gambling enthusiast for more than 20 years, achieved an exceptional performance by winning the stratospheric sum of €2 million at an online casino!

This high stakes roulette enthusiast experienced his "One Time" at the end of May with this session that went beyond his expectations. This incredible run is one of the biggest performances in the history of the online casino.

Lucky7Bonus brings you the crazy story of how this viewer won €2 million in 2 days at roulette! Our editors went to meet Quentin to get his feelings about this exceptional experience from which many lessons can be learned.

Who is Quentin, the viewer who won the jackpot?

Quentin discovered online gambling at the beginning of the health crisis. However, the 38-year-old, who has been based in Dublin for a few years, did not wait for the lockdown to take an interest in gambling. Indeed, Quentin developed his passion for the casino during his studies in Eastern countries and quickly became interested in this field: "I was playing for fun, but I didn't want to be a gambler. I used to play for fun, even today. However, I was smart enough to take breaks when my behaviour started to get dangerous".

The man who has lived abroad for a long time now earns a very good living and can therefore gamble large sums of money without his daily life being affected. At each session, Quentin deposits about €2,000, a sum he can afford to lose if the session does not go as planned.

Quentin is an avid viewer of Bidule, Loopoo and TeufeurS and is an exclusive roulette player: "I'm a player who could be described as a roulette mono-maniac". And the least we can say is that this passion has worked for him!

The summary of this crazy adventure

An ideal start to the session

After depositing €2,000, Quentin decided to play Lightning Roulette, Evolution Gaming's famous creation that boosts the multiplier by a few randomly selected numbers on each spin. The first few bets reach €250 in total, then, after a few hits on his third and fourth bets, this gambler par excellence starts to gradually increase the stakes.

The French player plays in an original way, reminiscent of Bidulation or Grolex, rather risky ways of playing with the aim of optimise certain numbers that will pay massively if the ball falls in the right place. There is obviously no winning technique in roulette, however, Quentin always plays the same way so that he doesn't regret it if he changes his tactics.

The way he plays is simple: he decides to place his chips in one area of the roulette wheel rather than focusing exclusively on the betting area. This area is called the "Third of the Cylinder", and Quentin's strategy is to highlight the number 8 and its neighbours, which make him a lot of money if they fall, like Bidule's famous 5 or TeufeurS numbers 17 and 20.

A crazy night session

The hits follow one another, and it's a real test of endurance for Quentin, who quickly decides to switch to VIP roulette in order to increase the amount of money he bets on each number. The bets placed became colossal as they reached several thousand euros. This crazy session started at noon with a deposit of €2,000, and the gambler found himself 5 hours later with a balance of €500,000!

But this roulette enthusiast was not done with his surprises. After placing several bets worth €40,000, his highest-earning number, 8, fell several times, leaving Quentin with over €1,500,000!

A descent into hell far too fast

As the streamers like to remind us, the casino always wins in the long run. The rest of this story is proof of that, as after a short night's sleep, Quentin decided to return to the online casino and play back some of the hard-earned money from the night before. He himself admits that this was a very bad idea and could have resulted in the loss of his entire winnings from a few hours earlier.

Quentin kept the same way of betting and the same amount of money, but he was not as successful. In fact, in just a few hours, the lucky player of the previous day became the unlucky one of the day as his balance fell to "only" €300,000. This balance is obviously a huge amount for most players but to have lost more than €1 million in several hours is proof that the casino must remain a pleasure, an entertainment and not a way to win money.

Luck is smiling again!

After the rollercoaster ride of the last few hours and all the excitement he has experienced, Quentin is slowly coming to his senses and is back in the fight with bets more in line with his bankroll. Luck was once again smiling on the Irish resident who started to win again and to make hits of several tens of thousands of euros.

At the end of a trying day, Quentin managed to recoup what he had lost just hours before, although we would advise you never to chase your losses. At the end of this exceptional roulette session, the gambler won hundreds of thousands of euros and his bankroll reached the stratospheric sum of €2,000,000!

Lessons to be learned from this session

Quentin didn't want another bad run and decided to self-exclude himself for a week so as not to lose his winnings: "I've now digested the run and I'm not going to play this bankroll again, but at the time the excitement makes you want to play again and it could have gone wrong. But thanks to this decision to self-exclude, the story has a happy ending."

This gambling enthusiast will now be able to move on to new horizons thanks to this win. This session is obviously the biggest win in his gambling career and he wants to invest his winnings, just as he has done with previous wins: "Every time I have won money from the casino, I have decided to invest it rather than replay it".

With €2 million to his bank account, we imagine that Quentin will also be able to enjoy himself and relax after a two-day session in which he won one of the largest sums of money in the history of Live Dealer games to date!

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